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You have the objective of your event, you have a good identification of the place, when, and who, but you are still working on it… How?

First, make a detailed list of the fundamental and basic sections: Place, format, decoration and invitations.

Second, ask yourself the fundamental and basic questions:

Does the budget adapt to the event? Does the event fit the budget? Is my schedule and stages of the event realistic? What are the fixed costs, regardless of the number of attendees (we review it) What are the variable costs (we review it) What can be unforeseen costs? What are the payment terms of each supplier for management & calendar?

Third, review fundamental sentiment, fixed costs and variable costs.

Does this fit? What % am I in my budget? Can I make the film and imagine myself telling the story of my event? Do I like the suppliers and trust them to be my support? Have I thought of everything? What/who else should I consult?

Think that behind a successful event, there is always someone who didn’t sleep very well.

We speak and write perfectly French, English, Spanish and Catalan. The translation of the website is done automatically. We would also love to chat and respond in your language.

Since May 2023 we have had fiber optics and different relays distributed throughout the house and in the gardens. On the other hand, telephone coverage is variable, depending on where you are.  We set it up so that your data does not go away and that you have a stable internet. 

Manso Esmandia received the BIOSPHERETOURISM certification in July 2020. It is an annual certification that guarantees compliance with requirements based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement, ensuring that the certified entity carries out an activity typical of a new non-aggressive tourism model, which satisfies the current needs of its clients and users.

The requirements to comply follow some necessary mandatory criteria; Renewable energy, promoting the use of non-polluting materials, responsible production and consumption, clean water and sanitation, care for the life of ecosystems, reduction of inequalities, decent work and growth for employees, alliances to achieve objectives – 45 audited criteria.

The use of plastics (glasses, plates, bags, bottles, packaging) is controlled. Ecosystems are respected in the 32 hectares of the property. Organic waste remains on the farm. The air is pure, without pollutants. The water is without chemicals or pesticides. The products offered and consumed are local and produced responsibly. There is gender equality, respect for others and alliances and collaboration between neighbors to achieve objectives. The culture proposal is proximity.
And the proposal of visits and excursions is oriented towards non-aggressive tourism, responsible for the environment.

It is a wedding with fewer guests but a similar budget: For those who choose this formula, it is a real opportunity to be creative in certain aspects:

Because there are fewer people, you can propose planned games, 2 nights with brunch, and make “experience gifts” for guests and family. There may be more participation of the guests in the wedding script. It is also the possibility of creating an epic menu, with themes – or cocktails tailored to the guests and the bride and groom.

At Manso Esmandia, we like this formula, which allows us to offer much more of our agility.